damnfantastic (damnfantastic) wrote in tmi_chix,

Human mouths are so gross.

(This one is NOT for you if you're squicked by things about teeth.)

I woke up with the most horrible pain around my lower right molar this morning. The tissue was swollen and hard and managed to ache and burn at the same time. But I had to open at work, so it hurt like that all day until finally I could come home and deal with it.

I got out my trusty floss and went to work. I dug actual fucking pus out from around my tooth! It was slimy and bloody and that weird yellowish color of WRONG. What the fuck?! (It tastes NASTY AS SHIT, in case you were wondering.) But my mouth still hurt a lot, and it started to feel like there was something in there, so I very delicately kept going...

And pulled a teeny-tiny splinter of chicken bone out of my gum pocket. Apparently, when I made chicken soup last night, I strained every last bone out of it except for that one, which then snuggled up next to my tooth and wreaked glorious hell for the next twelve hours. Motherfucker.

But hey, I got to scrape pus out of a gum pocket for the first time in my life! Which was disgusting but oddly satisfying! Then I rinsed with warm salt water, and the pain and swelling are already vanishing. Better luck next time, chicken bone.
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