Her Adorable Marvelousness (apcrose) wrote in tmi_chix,
Her Adorable Marvelousness

No, that's not helping.

A couple of days ago, I realized my nipples were tender, and from tenderness they escalated to 'unbearable soreness.' Since I'm also weeping hysterically over livestock and my cat's mere existence, I assume it's just a hormonal thing. I have the birth control implant, so pregnancy isn't likely. But my devoted partner pulled out an ice cube and attempted to ice my nipples to see if it would help, and the result was that my nipples scrunched up at the cold and made everything A THOUSAND TIMES WORSE. It's as bad as it was when I had the twins pierced and one of them got infected. And of course my partner is just a hopeless, habitual boob grabber, so I am spending a lot of time smacking his hands away, and things are somewhat strained. Sigh.

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