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Hiya, I'm new to this comm, and I come bearing tales of TMI for you all.

I've been suffering from dizzyness and vertigo all week, which means that pretty much any physical activity becomes a big and potentially dangerous undertaking.

However, it was only this morning that I worked out just how bad it was. I wobbled off to the loo for my morning visit and as I was sitting on the 'po, blissfully contemplating my toes (forgot my book) they suddenly seemed to double in number and began to move around like Irish dancers on speed.

Next thing I know I am lying with my arse firmly wedged betwixt bog and bath, and staring bemusedly at the ceiling thinking 'WTF!' Unfortunately, whilst the rest of my body seemed quite happy to comply with the 'Stop working! Fall over!' orders from up above, my bladder didn't get the message, and carried on quite merrily with its alotted task.

So not only did I bruise my ribs and arse (not to mention the difficulties of getting out of a situation that would have fetched me a fortune on 'candid camera', but I also widdled all down my leg, and had to wash my slippers.

Go me, eh?
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