seestephgo (seestephgo) wrote in tmi_chix,

I can has erotica?

These are more... funny than tmi, I guess.

Before I begin, I'm going to assume you've all seen the cat macro with happy cat and his "I can has cheezburger?" quotation, yes? Yes.

Okay, then...

Having snuggled with the boy before he went home, I found myself a bit horny. I haven't read erotica in a while and I used to LOVE it, so I decided to check some out. I went to an old favorite site and began looking through the amateur written pieces. Along with the title, there are usually a few lines listed so you can tell if you like the writing style. After passing a few stories, I ran into this:

Over time at the office
I has a ton of paperwork that needs to be done by
9am and needs to stay after to finish when Pam and
Cherie helps him out...

I can has erotica?


After seeing that, I was beginning to get out of the mood. I finally found two stories that looked decent and opened them. The first began quite seductively, but then the object of the female main character's sexual prowess was revealed to be a 57 year old woman.

Moving on...

I began reading the next story, which began with a young college age girl discussing her love of giving oral sex with another person in her class.

Who turned out to be the teacher.

Who is a 64 year old woman.

I quit.

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