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Zits, chunky menstrua, the runs....


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I enjoy being a girl! *yark*
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This is a community for women who want a place to talk about that stuff you normally might not bring up. Not just menstruation, but EWWWW, cramps, diarrhea, gas, "chunks"...you get the idea. Same with any other sort of topic. If you're male, you're welcome to hang out but be civil or you're gone. Same with women, actually.

Oh, yeah....I'm hamadryad, and I'll be your server this evening.

Community recommendation:
Do you know where your vagina is? Your clitoris? Your cervix? Your uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries? Do you know what happens during sex? Do you understand - and I mean thoroughly fucking understand - contraception? Do you understand how the penis is constructed? DO YOU KNOW HOW TO FUCKING SAY NO?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions....KEEP YOUR FUCKING PANTS SHUT and make him - OR her - do the same. (added 5-5-04)

kathrynt, to her GYN: 'I also told her that I'd gotten direction from you guys, although I said "some friends of mine who are very groovy Our Bodies Ourselves types," not "a bunch of strangers on the internet who share two X chromosomes and a zit-popping fetish."'

Posting: This isn't your diary. When you post, please be so kind as to type with at least a shred of grammar and CAPITALIZATION.
In your own journal, I don't give a shit.
In comments I even don't give a shit.
When you make a post, though, I give a shit.
Thank you. (added from this post 6/9/05)

Pictures: Gratuitous pictures are a "no." That means pictures of, say, what you left in the toilet bowl. And pictures of, say, your "too hot to not post a pic" self. Have a strange blemish you can't identify? No sweat. Want to show off your new "pouty" look that the cam-boys love? Fuck off. (added 2-2-04)(edited 5/31/05)

If you're looking for PICS of the things we herein so lovingly describe, hop over to tmi_pics.

If you can think of any more appropriate things to go in "interests," please let me know. I'm not feeling very creative right now.

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